Floral Drawer
Floral Drawer

Floral Drawer

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Photographer's find these drawers very accommodating for newborns as they make it difficult for babies to fall out of pose. Vintage drawer pulls add a touch of nostalgia and the floral prints add a pop of color to your photos. Because the handles are actual vintage drawer pulls with limited availability, you might not receive the ones pictured. These drawers are extra deep at the direction of my newborn photographer daughter and they replace the drawers that we previously sold. The front is beveled. They have passed the photographer's test and I am confident that you will love them!!   


Dimensions:  13L x 9 1/4W, 6" High

DISCLAIMER: Although our products are very well constructed, seller does not warrant the suitability of this product other than as a photography prop. This product should be used under adult supervision and it is highly recommended that a spotter be used to assist with the posing of the babies. Because the majority of our items are made to order and due to our unique finishing techniques and the natural variations of wood, no two products will be identical and may not look exactly like the ones pictured.