Our Story

Having been business owners in the past, we are no strangers to running a business and we understand the dedication that it takes. Our daughter, Krystal, who has witnessed firsthand our creativity and attention to detail, asked her dad if he would make her some photography props as she is a photographer in our area. He did so and because there was local demand for our products, we thought it would be something that we could possibly market nationally. My husband and I both have an artistic mind and enjoy creating things, and with Krystal's input, it has turned out to be a successful venture for us!  We are excited to say that we are shipping our props worldwide!  The name New Beginnings came about because after working 35 years for the same company, my husband incurred an on the job injury and lost his job. Thus, this business is a "new beginning" for us.

Our photography props are designed and constructed with much love and attention to detail. The safety of your babies is our first priority. With this in mind, all of our props are both glued and/or nailed/screwed. We endeavor to make our props just perfect!  They are extremely solid and durable. Our props are cut and assembled in a shed in our back yard and painted in our basement. My husband and I are the only employees. We do our best to get each prop manufactured and shipped to you within a 1-2 week timeframe.

The majority of our props are made to order although we now carry a ready to ship line as well. Each finish technique will be unique and your prop will not be identical to another photographer's.  Since we design and construct our own props, it gives us the liberty to adjust size and color to suit your preference.

We hope you are as excited about the props that you purchase from us as we are in designing and constructing them for you!!